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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Reducing Shyness

Shyness is based on a self-perception which isn't valid but which becomes self-fulfilling when we accept it.

For example, we may be convinced that we are not worth talking to, and this makes us afraid when we are in conversations. Since our attention is  mainly absorbed in the pain inside of ourselves, we  don't really hear what our friends are saying, and we can't think of much to add to what they are saying. Boom! Our own prophecy becomes fulfilled. 

Our friends don't object much as we excuse ourselves from the conversation, (nor do we blame them when they excuse themselves and go on to someone or something else). We walk away once again cursing ourselves for our shortcomings.

The beauty of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is that it allows us to effortlessly "reset" our mental and emotional circuits into the joy of the moment--even as we are talking to our friends. As we spontaneously experience the fullness, alertness and openness to opportunities which potentially exist in each and every present moment, and as our hearts open in love (or at least greater appreciation for our conversational partner), we find ourselves magically drawn back into the conversation at hand. Our inward dramas subside, and we become aware of the simple joys of natural communication.

Each time it we trigger this experience within ourselves, we feel better--and it shows. Over the long run, we begin to be further enlivened up by the newly-favorable responses of people we meet. We begin to become intellectually convinced that we are worth talking to--and enter the realm of  positive self-fulfilling prophecies. 

In time, we begin to realize the deeper and literal meaning of the phrase "self-fulfilling". We begin to realize that there is a lot more to us (in a good sense) than we ever imagined. Our self-esteem now even further raised, it becomes even easier to add pleasant substance to our future conversations.

So while shyness can seem to be a life-long curse, it is possible become expert at letting go of anxiety within ourselves by mere intention, even in the middle of a conversation. The result is that we feel freer, more open, more intelligent, and become completely and naturally involved with the situation at hand.

A personal experience may help validate this assertion.



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