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Many of us are caught up in anxiety, day after day. It seems like we are experiencing a constant war between conflicting desires and fears. 

All wars waste resources. The  war of anxiety wastes our inner resources, in two senses. 

Firstly, our resources are wasted on constantly fixing past mistakes. Because anxiety by definition involves inner confusion, our decisions tend to suffer, and the quality of our action is often poor--which itself leads to future problems, even more wasted time trying to figure out solutions to these new problems.

Secondly, the war of anxiety is truly an energy thief. Those of us who over-worry generally are more fatigued than "well-adjusted", happier people. Why? Because we are spending much of our available energy re-processing the past and worrying about the future! This constant mental searching and emotional confusion is tiring--and when it is time to rest, due to this same stress, we just can't. 

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is a simple and direct method of quieting our civil war and "prospering in peacetime." During the process, we learn by experience how to strengthen our ability to just "be", to be simple, awake and alert in the moment, and to be free of unnecessary anxiety. 

We will find that while we will still need to process information, and be concerned about events and plan for the future, it is not necessary to be caught up in the habit of worry.

Please see the detailed introduction for more information upon how the process works.


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