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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

The Increased Ability to Love

One of the prime foundations of love is openness. If my heart is open to you, it is present, with you. My attention is on you, interested in you and your needs. My mind is not trying to process the past or trying to manipulate you into my own version of a "best" future.

 The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method helps develop the ability to be here, be present, be open in the moment;  to be available for listening, having fun, and caring, now. The method, in a sense, is no more than the practice of open-ness.

How does this happen?

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method trains a person to enter or be aware of the finer qualities of one's own heart. The process is incredibly simple, and, although it may feel a little clumsy at first, is never hard. In time, all it takes is a faint desire and almost instantly, one feels more alive yet more relaxed, more aware, more open, more interested, and more capable of loving. 

This may sound too good to be true, but it is within our natural capacity to trigger a sense of freedom within ourselves, to trigger "instant vacations" within ourselves. Once we learn to do this, we recognize the skill for what it is: our birthright--and gift--from God. 

After all, truly happy people already use this birthright. And they wonder why the rest of us worry so much, why we can't just "let go" of what is bothering us. The Click Into Joy! Personal Change System can methodically teach the rest of us this skill. The practice is easily learned, effortlessly applied, invisible to others, takes no time out of your busy schedule to practice, and  can have endless benefits. 

The method is simply the practice of the essence of happiness--and yet it is not mood-making. Please explore the detailed introduction for more information on how the method works.

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