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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Guarantee and Disclaimer 

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is guaranteed to benefit you personally, but please be aware of the following points before you buy it.

For some people, joy of life comes naturally. To maintain a sense of relaxation during activity is easy for them. Many others need to learn the skill of letting go of anxiety. So if you are happy, don't buy this method.

But for most of us relaxing by mere intention may seem "difficult" at first. The Click Into Joy! Method itself is easy to learn. But it is not magic. The method does not happen to you: it needs to be practiced for its benefits to apply. 

Luckily, the method does not take any extra time out of your day to use--so time is not a constraining factor in its practice. In fact, since you don't have to be sitting down or closing your eyes to use it, since it is invisible to others, since it doesn't decrease your alertness but only increases it, and since it only takes a couple of seconds to do each "relaxation event" the Method can be practiced while you are waiting in line, or walking, or even driving a car. 

It is one thing to practice relaxing or letting go of anxiety, and it is another to apply this ability in any situation in which you feel challenged, stressed, shy, unproductive, or bound by habits or cravings. Instructions included with the Method will make clear the difference between doing the Method and applying the method.


At first, you may think that very little--or even that nothing--is happening. But the benefits (and depth of experience) of relaxation events are cumulative in nature

In other words, within a fairly short amount of time three things typically 

begin to happen within this simple little procedure:

1) You should become more familiar with the nuances of the various 'levels' of relaxation available to you at any particular time, given your particular nervous system and your over-all state of happiness and mental and emotional health;

2) You should get better at the process of letting go, relaxing or surrendering; and

3) You should begin to learn to apply these new skills to increasingly problematic life situations.

If none of these things happen to you, and you feel you have given the technique a fair try, feel free to return the product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


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