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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

A Report of the First Use

of the

 Click Into Joy! Technique

 "I have always been more nervous, more worried than has been comfortable. When I learned about the Click Into Joy! technique, I was not sure if it would work for me. 

I am a surveyor by trade. The day after I first learned of the principles behind the Click Into Joy! technique,  I was out in the woods by our surveying instrument, waiting for my partner to clear the path ahead. I felt typically out of it, my head was cloudy. I felt tired, wired, stressed and frankly kind of dumb. My mind wasn't working, as was usual on a Monday morning.

Feeling in my pocket, I remembered that I had this "Power Counter" gadget with me and I remembered the Click Into Joy! technique. I began to idly wonder if it had any validity.

"Baloney," I thought,  "It won't work. It's stupid!"

But I didn't feel good, I had the time to test it, and there was no one was around to laugh at me.

So, using the instructions I had learned the night before, I intended to relax. I simply made the intention to let go of anxiety. 

For a second, I felt a little bit of settling down, hardly anything. And then I was back in the state of cloudy thoughts and shut-down feelings.

Reflecting for a second, I thought, well, the intention to relax kind of worked, and it kind of didn't.  According to the instructions, (which said to expect this experience) I gave myself a "click" on the Power Counter. The miniature screen registered "1". 

I wondered if I could do it again. After all, the principles predicted that each one of these things was a relaxation "event", not the actual state of relaxation.

But my mind raced on by itself: "The fact that I just now relaxed for a second was a fluke, and anyway, my mind feels cloudy again. After all creating a better life is not something you can do by mere intention. My problems are a lot more real than that--life is not that simple. "

The sound of my boss's machete faded away in the woods. It was going to be awhile before he was back. Oh well, I thought, I certainly have the time... and I intended to let go or relax again. I felt another faint glimmer of openness in me, which again faded away. "See, it doesn't work." I thought. But I hit the button again. "2", it said.

 Boss still not being back, I compared my usual feelings with how I had felt now, just for a couple of seconds. "Hey, let's give it another shot," I thought

So, I intended to relax again, and .... had a little more of a 'light ' feeling. 

"Hmmm," I thought. "Interesting."

Even though the feelings of relaxation seemed to be incredibly faint and short lived, I kept doing it (maybe out of rebellion against my own anxiety). I kept intending to relax, waiting for some result or feeling of relaxation of any sort, and if there was one at all, pushing the button on the Power Counter. There was something personally involving and appropriately "celebratory" about the process .

Yet still, I felt, nothing had really happened, nothing had really changed I still felt basically the same, basically uptight and worried.

But after about 5 minutes (and about as many "clicks" later),  something did happen.

After about my tenth intention to let go (and after nearly as many "imaginings" of results) I suddenly felt something touching my arms, stroking the hairs on my skin. It was the spring wind. The warmth of the sun suddenly blessed my face, and there was a pregnant, alive smell in the air. The bushes around me were incredibly alive. The land stretched out and down the hills before me, and my eyes took in the horizon for the first time that day.

I was in one of the most beautiful spots in Iowa, on an absolutely perfect spring day. I had not "realized" this before. I had not "known" this.

It seemed as if the birds were singing now--almost as if they hadn't made a sound before!. A smile landed on my face.

"Wow!" I thought, now basking in a remarkable sense of freedom. Yet soon this sense diminished again, and I was the same old "me", back in a battleground between doubts and good intentions. But something had changed, if only to a small, beginning degree. I realized that now I had a tool to use on my own mind.

So that day I continued to let go of anxiety whenever I realized that I felt uptight. Sometimes nothing seemed to happen. But even though individual "relaxation events" often felt extremely mild, I got better at noticing the symptoms of them. 

As the day progressed, my mind cleared up. I was no longer lost in a fog of physical fatigue and mental worry, but had a sense of being open,  free and alive.

 I also became more helpful and more alert on my job. By the end of the day, both my partner and I (who were often at odds with each other because of both my ineptitude and his quick temper ) were flying on the wings of accomplishment and comradeship--and he had no idea why it was.


That was my first day with the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method. I don't know if other people would have the same experience--especially not on the very first day. It doesn't matter about the initial experiences. One's skill with it improves with time. 

I have been using the technique for about year now, and have applied it to reducing fears and negative habits, and increasing joy in many areas of my life. Even though I often think the method is bullshit, (or more accurately, even though I many times feel imprisoned by my own personality) I have learned that if I treat the method as an exercise which I should do every day, (like I would treat any physical exercise) the quality of my day improves greatly. The nice thing is that to actually use the method takes no extra time out of my day--and that it is always fun and rewarding to do.

Using the method doesn't rob me of anything. On the contrary, it gives to me. 

Its like each "click" or intentional relaxation event that I do (however mild it feels at the moment) acts as a gentle springboard into a better day and a more perfect future. 

I would not give this technique up for anything, and would recommend this to anyone for personal enjoyment and long-term change.

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