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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Overcoming the Effects

of Traumatic Events

Even though it is said that time heals all things, scars from tragedies and past traumatic events seem as if they will effect us forever. Their influences seem burned as if with a white-hot torch upon our nervous system. 

Yet whether or not our body was been physically changed by the original trauma, it is our reaction to the trauma events which causes the real damage to our lives. In almost every case, the event is over. But somehow we have been taken out of full enjoyment of, and full existence in, the present moment. 

Although in it does help to understand our past traumas and face them intellectually and emotionally (as can be helped by a professional) the final solution to healing all past emotional events is in being fully awake now, in re-entering the infinite joy and possibilities of the present moment.

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method (PCM) can help us build the emotional strength necessary to become "human" again. 

The Click Into Joy! PCM is not a religion; has no underlying philosophy which you need to accept; is inexpensive; and its benefits are free. It involves no other than teaching you how to teach yourself to be more free, open, and present than you have been since leaving childhood--or, in some cases perhaps, including your childhood.


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