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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

"In the Zone"

Sports Performance


The ability to put aside the thought of winning or losing and be totally "in the zone" gives athletes their best chance of succeeding in any individual or team sport . 

This experience also happens to be one of total elation and total purpose, and is reported by many to have a spiritual dimension. The concept--and experience--of the "zone" has taken an important thrust forward in the field of sports psychology over the last 30 years. In fact, the search for this experience is actually one of the basic reasons why people pursue sports.

Because the Click Into Joy! technique systematically develops within the individual the ability to "let go" of the past and the future and be totally present in the moment, it tends to have a positive effect whatever sport is being practiced. The great part about the technique is that it can be used during activity (especially whenever there is a natural lull)--and that it  instantly sharpens the senses, the mental awareness, and the emotional stability which are all necessary to be really effective in the sports arena.

Although the technique is not magic, (that is, just learning it one day will not necessarily produce a champion performance the next), once a person becomes good at it, it takes just a split second to enter the "zone"  within oneself.

The application of this experience to whole teams has serious potential. Imagine, during a huddle, or between points, all players taking just a second or two to center their consciousness in the best possible "place" and be ready as a group to be totally connected and totally alive.

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