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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method



Many of us have a poor self image. We feel that there is nothing of value in us or about us. We are tortured by self-doubt. From our point of view, almost everyone else seems so happy, well-adjusted and successful!

The Click Into Joy! technique can teach us to teach ourselves, at any time and place, to experience a center of peace with ourselves. This sense of peace grows as we become even more skilled in the practice. It soon begins to spill over into many areas of life--including our relations with other people.

As we grow in our sense of peacefulness, (which we can 'create' even as we talk to other people), we begin to worry less about the imaginary differences between us and others. What becomes increasingly apparent is the joy of life which we have in common. Our self image becomes nourished with every conversation.

Just as importantly, as we become more awake, aware and more "alive" within ourselves, the qualities of precision and confidence naturally demonstrate themselves more in our daily activities. The resulting accomplishments directly help us achieve a better self image.

This makes it even easier to relax and trigger a sense of peace within ourselves. As time goes on, the circle of joy continues to widen within our lives, and can even accelerate in its growth.

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