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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Reducing Worry


Many of us are caught up in anxiety. Our worried minds are so busy re-processing the past and imagining fearful futures, that we really are only half "present" now, when well-thought responses are critical to successful action. As a result, our actions tend to produce regrettable results, creating the grounds for an even more miserable future. The cycle never seems to end.

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method uses two concepts to break this cycle. Firstly, it teaches that even though anxiety may be our steady, "normal" state, at any particular moment we actually do have a choice whether to worry or not to worry--at least within a very limited range. In other words, if a friend sees worry on our face and encourages us to chill out or relax, we can do so in his or her presence, if only for a short amount of time. But the fact that we can do so, even to this small degree, is essential to the Click Into Joy! practice.

During the practice of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method, we 

1) we learn to become aware of our previously unrealized capacity to let go of anxiety;

2) we begin to get better at evoking this sense of interior freedom within ourselves, at any time or place we so desire, and therefore;

3) we begin to, stretch the range of  emotions, with which we can identify with at any particular moment. 

In other words, instead of being continually caught an anxious state of mind, we learn how to lean towards our best, our most relaxed, and our most positive interpretation of present circumstances and future imaginings. This more positive state of mind tends to produce increasingly more successful action--and a better future does tend to come into existence.

Yet old habits die hard. Many of have been worrying for decades (it feels like centuries). Worry seems like our own natural, (but uncomfortable), set of clothes. For this reason, left to our own devices, even with the knowledge that we could "stretch our range of emotions", we probably wouldn't be successful in doing so. Being overshadowed by anxiety, we would simply forget to let go of it.

So the second major concept which the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method uses to break the eternal, self-perpetuating cycle of anxiety and failed activity is a physical reminder that we have the power to function in a better state of mind.

"listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go!"

( from the poem

pity this busy monster,manunkind,

by  e.e.cummings)


As has been said in our detailed introduction, this reminder is the Power Counter, a watch-like gadget small enough to be worn on a finger, on a belt, in a pocket or purse, or even in the folds of one's clothing. The Power Counter is, in a sense, the world's smallest, cheapest (and possibly most naturally effective) bio-feedback device.

Because this device is constantly with us and is used uniquely for our Click Into Joy! procedure, whenever we happen to physically feel it we are reminded that we have the ever-present ability, the constant choice, to trigger within ourselves even a slightly better state of experience. We can feel happier; we can let go of anxiety. We can reduce worry, by mere intention!

For more information on how the Method actually works, please read the detailed introduction

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