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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method


Habit of Happiness

Truly happy people are in the habit of easily letting go of stress. Because of this habit, they are fully present and alive every moment. Because they are fully alive, when a challenging situation arises they are able to apply all of their intelligence to it. As a result, their action tends to be successful; giving them even more reason to be positive about, and successful in, the future. 

Because this habit was perhaps formed very early in childhood, happy people may not even realize exactly what it is they are doing that makes them happy. 

Bad things happen to both happy and unhappy people. But unhappy people do not have the skill of constantly letting go of anxiety and worry. Having no way to spontaneously let go of anxiety, its effects build up in them. They become imprisoned by worry.

Constantly trying to make sense of the past and and worrying  about the future, they are not fully present in the moment. Unhappy people are not necessarily 'crazy' but they are only half "here". 

When challenges arise, unhappy people cannot apply their full intelligence to the problem or situation at hand. Therefore, their action tends to be less successful, giving them even more reason to be fearful of, and less successful in, the future. 

Most of us are somewhere in between. We aren't terribly unhappy, nor are we in bliss. We can get rid of our stress, but we rely on outside diversions to do the trick. We relax by fishing, dancing or other hobbies, having a drink, watching TV, chatting endlessly with other people, or telling them about our problems. 

Truly happy people enjoy these same activities, but they don't need to spend so much time doing them, and they don't crave them. Because they have the knack of letting go of stress everywhere, they need less time to recharge their batteries and are much more independent of their environment and scheduling circumstances. 

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method can teach you the skill of letting go of anxiety during daily activity. It can teach you the skill of living in freedom.

Learning this skill requires knowing the difference between the generalized state of relaxation, (which not all of us possess) and the simple steps towards that state, which all of us are capable of taking. The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is designed to make us masters of taking these steps.


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