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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method


Evaporating Cravings

With the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method



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A craving is a "mindless desire for something which cannot satisfy the heart."

Every person we have polled in researching this page relates to the above definition. Most are surprised by the simplicity of the Click Into Joy! method's approach.

The Click Into Joy! technique teaches us, to directly experience by mere intention what we actually wanted in the first place: a sense of peace, inner relaxation, joy and fulfillment. 


The interesting thing is, when we choose to apply the Click Into Joy! technique, we don't worry about the object of craving itself: that is, we are not trying not to have the desire. Instead, we are simply letting go of anxiety.

After a bit of practice, the resultant relaxation comes from the center of our being. And the craving which had been previously gripping our mind and screaming at our body tends to simply disappear. It just evaporates; it goes away, as if there was no reason for it in the first place.

Although habits and cravings can be of unbelievable strength, entering the joy of the present moment is a remarkably effective way of lessening their power over us. The Click Into Joy! technique can therefore be used in the face of cravings for smoking, drinking, over-eating, compulsive purchasing habits, the irresistible desire to gamble--or any other habit which has been hurting our real ability to enjoy life.

The technique itself is addictive in a positive way--and perhaps this is why it is effective in reducing the power of negative addictions.

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