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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Graceful Aging

The freedom and spontaneity of youth tends to diminish with the encroaching walls of a million habits. As we get older, we decide that we speak to this person, and not to that one; that we go here and we don't go there; that this position is right, and that no others ought to be considered.

After some years life is a prison, although perhaps a pretty comfortable one. We may have lots of material possessions and pleasant little things within it. But fundamentally, we distrust other people and feel that the universe--and God-- is/are separate from ourselves. And we don't realize that we did it to ourselves.

The Click Into Joy! technique helps us take "instant vacations" many times per day. It tends to open up our inner "body of joy" so that once again we perceive the possibilities for a fuller life which present themselves many times and in many faces throughout the day. 

We tend to once again look for the humor in common situations, to see the common bond between ourselves and strangers, and to feel the beauty around us, once again. We begin to re-develop the innocence of childhood--which, in truth, does not belong just to children, but which is the mark of a strong and well-developed practical and spiritual life.

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