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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Reducing Fear

and Phobias


In a sense, fear is good for us. If we are capable of keeping it on a leash, it forces us to prepare for the future (immediate and long-term). But if we over-react to it, fear becomes a self-defeating monster. 

Fear leashed

Fear unleashed

How does this happen?

Fear, when it is overblown, takes our awareness out of the present moment and fills our thoughts with a failed past or a scary future. Our lessened ability to "be here, now" reduces our effectiveness in the present, and destroys our chances for success in the future. 

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method (PCM) teaches a person how, by mere intention, to re-enter the fullness, alertness and openness to opportunities which potentially exist in each and every present moment.

This state of experience, by its own nature, tends to dissolve fear. And action from this state of experience tends to be successful, enjoyable and effective--and further increases our confidence in future situations. Success and joy now become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Examples of the potential of the Click Into Joy! PCM in regards to fear and phobias are given below. Click on the links to explore each topic further.

A little fear can 

encourage us to...

While unreasonable

 fear can...

Using the Click Into Joy! technique can help:

Choose friends and associates wisely... Cripple our ability to enjoy social situations.

Reduce shyness

Prepare carefully for  performances &  presentations so that our presentation is naturally good... Cause us to "freeze" in front of the very people we are trying to impress.

Reduce stage fright

Use caution in dangerous situations... Prevent us from challenging our boundaries.

Reduce the fear of heights 

(and other phobias)


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