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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Better Decision-Making





Poor decisions result from a heart which is off of center and a mind which is hounded by anxiety and confused by a backlog of information. 

What's worse, poor decisions compound each other with time, creating a life which is increasingly failure-prone. Stemming from that is a worsened self-image--which itself leads around to even poorer decisions.

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method can allow a person to become skilled at: 

1) getting rid of the stresses of the day as they happen;

2) re-connecting with one's center of greater wisdom; and

3) becoming alert to the terrific possibilities which exist within every moment, 

all by mere intention.

 As we do this, our decisions become more natural, spontaneous and correct, and a  more successful and joyful life is created.

Even though a person may not at first be good at the process of intentional relaxation, every step of the way has a positive outcome. 


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