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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Better Academic Performance

Student life is great but challenging. It is one of the most intense periods of life--and while it is often marked by self-doubt and over-work, it is also the greatest intellectually challenging and socially stimulating time of most people's lives.

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method helps a person relax, let go of anxiety and center one's self many times per day. This is highly useful in:

  • dealing with pre-test anxiety;
  • increasing the the ability to stay focused while studying;
  • increasing the ability to really enjoy one's friends more; 
  • increasing the ability to be in the zone during sports activities; and
  • increasing the ability to be relaxed and alert, and even peaceful, while working at one of the usually boring part-time jobs which seem to be a part of student life.

The nice thing is that the method can be practiced while driving or walking to or between classes. Therefore, it takes no extra time out of one's day to use, has no down side, and--bottom line--simply improves one's ability to feel good.


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