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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

"What I Click for"

"Clicking"  within the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method denotes both the poetic sense of  clicking into a more relaxed and open state of awareness and the physical pushing of a button on one's "Power Counter"  to mark, measure and celebrate this event. 


Both types of clicks are, within this technique, inseparable from each other. The "Power Clicker" doesn't create the  experience of relaxation (duh!): rather, we push the button it after we successfully demonstrate either increased inwards relaxation or increased outwards expression of, or involvement in, growth-producing behaviors.


What follows are one person's notes about the process.



I click for noticing signs of increasing positivity within myself or behaviors which expressed as a result of this increasing positivity, outwardly, towards others. Let me give some examples:

Primarily, I click for intending to relax for a second, and having it actually happen.

I click when I say something to someone, which is extra perceptive, positive, caring, or humorous, which makes us both feel really good or connected . This is not about lying or mood-making. Rather, it is about taking pleasure in those moments in which I truly appreciate or perceive deeply in and about another, and it lifts us both up. Better yet, if done in a group setting, it may lift us all up.

I click for the feeling which comes after standing up straight, for pulling myself together and taking a deep breath and looking at my surroundings. During and following that, I always feel a sense of freshness in my self, and feel more alive on this earth.

I click for any positive thought, any appreciative thought which arises out of myself, at any time, regardless of intention. After all, the clicker is more like a "positivity meter", in which the game is to see how much I can grow in a day. Every positive event  is the goal of growth, or at least a symptom thereof.

I click following a relaxation event or centering event, in which there was a positive feeling, surge, uprush, widening, of soul, of Being, of light, of joy , of humor, of simple relaxation. This relaxation can have mainly an inward direction , i.e. a feeling of lightening up inside, or it may have an outward direction, in which I seem to appreciate and sense my surroundings as if my eyes and ears had just been opened. 

  I click for feeling these immediate sensations. I also click, if following these sensations, I get a "savoring" secondary rush or kind of an afterglow of appreciation of  "hey, I just did it!..."the "letting go-ness" of the first experience.

This "afterglow" click, actually turns out to be instrumental in providing the way for even deeper ensuing , continuing, relaxation events. So, the afterglow click is not an aberration or a second thought, but a very, very essential part of the centering process.

I click for any thoughts or realizations of a widening kind, any thoughts of wisdom or realization that I do not remember having had before. I click for increasing wisdom, insight, new and appreciative thoughts of my environment or other people. 

I click for new business ideas, for intuitive leaps or intellectual "lights-on!" understandings of things which were cloudy before.

I click for simply and suddenly appreciating my own manhood, my own physical strength. 

I click for laughing with a friend, for connecting with someone I didn't know before, for appreciating God in a new or seemingly different way.

On the other hand, I click for disassociating myself from the stress of a friend (not from the friend him/herself), when it is apparent that what they are stewing about is mainly their OWN psychology. I click for maintaining my center, and not getting drawn into negativity, and yet "being there" to add positive input or love when appropriate.

I click for relaxing during a meal and really tasting it.

I click for realizing that a craving for something is going on in my brain (whether it be for a certain food, for a cigarette, for sex, for an object I think I have to buy), and letting go or relaxing through, that particular craving. These points count Big Time, because they demonstrate that everything is psychology, that our mind is just a pattern of smaller patterns, each of which can be changed. 

All that is necessary, is to find our center in the midst of a craving, and POOF, the craving evaporates. What we were actually craving in all of these aspects, was infinity, was God, was growth, was our own self-acceptance, our own love, was the love of our Maker. When we let go into Him, the craving, which is itself a short circuit, a hang-up, a mis-step, a mis-take, just simply disappears.

I click for looking up at the stars and feeling a sense of awe. I click for getting a glimpse of infinity, at any time and within any place.

I click for appreciating kids, for playing a game with them, for making them feel good.

I click for doing something good and unexpected for someone else, especially if we both realize the humanity, the underlying "stuff", which binds us all together.

Its interesting that the fact that I am pushing a button on a stupid little clicking device when this happens somehow binds the process together, somehow makes the process more real, more alive, more memorable, and much more of a focus of my day. I can't explain this to make sense, but it feels appropriate, it feels right, and it feels good, to be actually reminded to do all of these things by a little thing hung on my belt or in my pocket.

The process of putting attention on the growth of  positivity, somehow makes my day more worth living, or shall we say, more alive. It is not a belief system;  it is simply a catalyst to teach my mind how to change itself, and to teach my emotions how to use their own skill in sensing "joy", to change the over-all quality of my life.

The method is a strangely cohesive way of pulling my mind, my heart, my emotion and my hopes together.

At any rate, I am thankful for this procedure, and hope it continues to work in my life. It has been a year since I started using it, and I feel that I have been riding a wave of goodness all of this time.


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