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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Increasing Emotional Strength

Children know that playfulness, joy and innocence are essential qualities of life. Our fascination with them is basically our fascination with happiness and joy.

To bring the qualities of playfulness, joy and innocence into adult life is not weakness. In fact, it is the foundation of success. Adults with these qualities tend to have satisfying business, social and personal lives.

But most of us adults feel that life is a struggle. We feel that only if we work hard enough or are lucky enough, happiness will come to us in the future.

Or we may feel that only if this had not happen to us previously; if that had not been our earlier situation, we would be happy now.

No matter what negative point of view we have, the Click Into Joy! technique can re-build our strength in the ability to experience joy--and effectiveness-- in the present moment.

There are striking similarities between developing both physical and emotional strength.

If we wish to develop physical strength, we might lift start a program of lifting weights. At first, lifting a particular weight might seem hard to do. But as we kept practicing:

 1) We would become more familiar with our own muscles, with how we work;

2) It would get easier and easier to lift specific weights; and

3) We would develop generalized strength and would become able to apply this strength to endless physical situations.

Emotional "Bar-bells"

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method involves exercising the skill of relaxing, letting go of anxiety at appropriate times. Like lifting weights, this emotional exercise can seem "hard" at first, but gets easy in a short amount of time.

As we practice the Click Into Joy! technique, three things begin to happen.

1) We become more familiar with our various actual and potential states of relaxation and joy;

2) It becomes easier and easier to trigger these states by mere intention; and

3) We develop the strength to apply this skill to reduce fear and negative habits of all kinds.

The difference between lifting physical weights and letting go of the weight of anxiety upon our shoulders, is that the first makes us tired; and the second makes us happy, even as we do it. 

The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is simple, easy to learn, enjoyable as we practice it, and has a huge amount of potential benefits.

The process of growth which it inspires, is self-rewarding and positively addicting.

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