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While the Power Counter is the essential ingredient

of the Method, other aspects round out the technique,

 making it practical, effective and easy to use.


The Method actually combines four aspects:




Your own natural capacity to take a deep breath and let go of anxiety, even for a second!

Learning how to let go within yourself


An instruction book showing: 

a) how to expand your present ability to let go of anxiety; 

b) how to make this experience of freedom from anxiety "stick", and 

c) how to apply this ability towards:

  1) increasing social joy, business and athletic effectiveness, and 

  2) decreasing the effects of  fear, negative habits and cravings upon your life; 

Learning how to relax  into your perceptions




The miniature "Power Counter", which we have previously described, and which we use:

1) as a physical reminder to let go of anxiety within ourselves many times per day; and

2)  to celebrate our success in doing so;


Learning how to

experience--and radiate love,


An attractive "Power Journal", which we may optionally use to document our progress and thereby enhance the speed of our growth.

all by mere intention!

With the Method also comes:

Personal guidance for a limited time from a trained instructor in the method via email or phone; and

The right to join Click Into Joy! "Mentor's Classroom" on the internet and discover how other people are applying the technique in their lives.

And finally:

A guarantee of benefit


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