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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

What exactly is the "Power Counter"?

The Power Counter is an LED device small enough to be worn on a finger, on a belt loop, in a pocket or purse, or even in the folds of one's clothing. Every time we push the button on it, the number on its screen increases by one unit.

How is it used?

The Power Counter  is used to mark, measure and celebrate two kinds of  "happenings":

the successful letting go of anxiety and worry by mere intention; and 

the successful applying of that experience or ability in:

connecting with others in a happier and more fulfilling way;

  evaporating cravings for tobacco, food, and other self-defeating behaviors;

reducing the effect of fear on one's life; and

experiencing a generally expanded sense of confidence and joy.

In a sense, the Power Counter becomes the world's smallest (and possibly cheapest) biofeedback machine, teaching us to put more and more attention on the development of positivity in our lives.

This seems kind of simple.

How, exactly, do I do the Method?