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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

How Can We Evoke Relaxation Events?

Even if we understand about relaxation events and even if we decide to evoke lots of them within ourselves, we probably won't be better off than before.

Why? Because our minds, bodies, emotions and nervous systems may be so used to functioning in an uptight manner that it may seem hard to let go of anxiety. (Can you relate to this? We certainly can.)

Moreover, even if we do spontaneously relax a time or two, we will soon get lost in our thoughts and wander from the process. In fact, the general activities and stresses of the day will soon erase all of our intentions to relax, from memory.

With these unfortunate but realistic facts in mind,

 how might we train ourselves to increase

our power to have relaxation events?

Well, we might:

1) employ the use of an expensive biofeedback machine and pay doctors or white-coated attendants in a time-consuming process to teach us how to do so;




<$ $ $ $ $!


or instead

we might:


2) use a miniature electronic counting device...

combined with our own ability to discriminate between different levels of happiness and joy...
to teach ourselves to recognize our power to let go of anxiety during  activity...  

and to remind ourselves to actually do it!

In a nutshell, this is the essence of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method.