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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

The Bad News About Relaxation Events



The bad news is that intentionally caused "relaxation events" often seem so mild, and their results so short-lived, that the average person discounts them as having no real or significant value. 



The Good News About Relaxation Events

The major finding of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is if that these simple, quite mild relaxation events are repeated during the day (at appropriate times), the sense of relaxation becomes deeper and "sticks" for longer periods. More importantly, these miniature, intentional,  easily-triggered events cause positive effects throughout the body. Their effects begin to naturally spill out into our behavior and spontaneously improve our lives. With practice, relaxation events begin to be viewed for what they are: a gift from God.


As we repeat relaxation events (either one after 

the other or at various times during the day)

 some interesting things begin to happen.

We become more aware of the finer details of these events,

It becomes easier to trigger these events whenever we so desire;

We learn to apply their beneficial effects towards reducing fear, cravings and negative habits (some of which may have been bothering us for decades); and

We become more happy, effective, and confident in our lives.

In other words, we begin to be able to spontaneously


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 Into Joy

So how do I do this?