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Personal Change Method


Relaxation events which are caused by the mere intention to have them, may seem extremely mild at first. But with the proper approach and with a bit of practice their experience deepens and their effects broaden.

What does a relaxation event feel like?



  The symptoms of a successful "relaxation event" may include:

#1. A general sense of release from anxiety (if only a slight degree and for a short amount of time);

#2. A sudden feeling of pleasantness, openness or joy; 

#3. A sudden relaxing of muscles--(often ones you had not even realized were tense or knotted); or a sudden relaxing of the stomach; or any other physical symptoms which you learn over time to recognize as indicating relaxation;

#4. A sudden increase in mental clarity or memory;

#5. An expanded awareness of your immediate surroundings, including a sudden realization of how beautiful a day it is;

#6. A sense that your heart has opened, a feeling of greater love or compassion towards others; or a suddenly increased interest in what your conversational partner is saying;

#7. A sudden increase in your sense of humor, or a realization that joy is the basis of life;

#8. A momentary realization that fear and anxiety are just states of mind, that worry is not as necessary as you had thought, and that life is not a struggle;

#9. A feeling of being a larger, more "whole", more settled person, as if you have just now re-discovered your truer "self";

#10. A feeling that somehow time has expanded, and that there is really no reason to hurry--or at least no reason to feel that way;

#11. A realization that there is no need to have the cigarette or unneeded food or drink you had just been craving; --that you are comfortable within yourself whether you are alone or with other people...

 ...and from #12 on up... an endless variety of  positive symptoms which may seem unique to your own experience and difficult to describe to others, but which you know represent goodness in your life.

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