Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

The Truth about "Relaxation Events"



When we try to relax, it doesn't seem to work. Oh, maybe we  feel a little different, but not for long. So we assume that intentional relaxation has little value in improving our lives. 

Luckily, this assumption is wrong.


If we knew the truth, we would realize that when we intend to let go of anxiety, that (quite often) something does change, that (quite often) something does happen; and that (quite often) something does work--even if only for a couple of seconds.

You see, while the small feeling of pleasure and relief from anxiety we get from the mere intention to relax is only momentary, it is real.  

The Click Into Joy! Personal Method identifies these pleasant but short-lived results of the intention to relax as "relaxation events". 

The Method shows that even though the effect of individual relaxation events don't seem to last very long, if they are properly used and repeated at appropriate times, they can really benefit our lives. 

What does a relaxation event feel like?