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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Detailed Introduction



The pace of modern life is hard on almost all of us. In addition to our own personal, job and family pressures, each of us feels the surrounding stress of crime, economic, political, and national and international problems. In addition, we are bombarded by warnings of man's relentlessly destructive impact on the earth.  If we are sensitive at all to life and its surroundings, is it any wonder that anxiety has become a habit for many of us?

Yet being anxious doesn't help anything. In fact, the inability to let go of anxiety simply adds to our problems. Not knowing how to let go of anxiety can hinder our learning skills, destroy our social comfort, diminish our ability to love, destroy our success in sports, sabotage our career, harm our health, and shorten our lives.

And this same inability causes us to add to the stress of the world.

What to do?

Many of us have been told by a doctor or a friend  that we need to take life easier, that we shouldn't worry so much.

When they tell us this, maybe we try to take their advice. As they are standing there, we take a deep breath, tell ourselves to relax inside, and feel a bit of happiness. For a couple of seconds we feel free, we share in our friend's happiness, and we both let out a laugh. "You're right," we say, 
 "I'll take it easier".

But when our friend walks away, the anxiety returns. Our stomach tightens once again, our forehead regains its wrinkled look, and the worries climb back onto our shoulders. 

We think, "I have so many problems; a lot more than they do".  

So, trying to relax seems like a false practice, with no real or lasting benefit. 

"I'm tryin' but it just ain't working!"