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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

Why does the technique work?


Click Into Joy!

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  Personal Change Method 

is a simple way of learning how to relax, center ourselves and let go of anxiety by mere intention, -- and of applying that skill towards improving every aspect of our  lives. The  technique essentially involves the use of a counting device and a simple journal.

We challenge ourselves to increase, every day, the number of times we can "center" ourselves by mere intention, and the number of times we can extend this new-found positivity to our environment.

The process may sound too simple to be useful.  But power is surprising, especially when it is taken seriously and applied over a period of time.

The potential of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method to change one's life lies in some fundamental principles, which you will see listed on the right. 




The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method

 takes advantage of  four fundamental principles

from various areas of life.

Principle #1: 

"If you can measure it, you can manage it"

The success of modern science and modern economic development is based on the principle of measurement. Measuring otherwise abstract processes, allows us to understand what these processes mean and how they affect their surroundings. It is because we can put numbers on the details of experiments in science, and it is because we can put numbers on the details of sales, production, and other types of performance in business, that we have an outwardly successful society.

In a fundamental way, the "Power Counter", which is an essential feature of the Click Into Joy! method, is that it is like a meter which allows us to measure and keep track of our own growth. We count both inward successes, towards greater relaxation and joy, and outward successes, towards more positive action, every day. This ability to measure encourages our progress and makes our resulting growth very concrete in our lives.


The process of observing alters that which is being observed

The success which comes from simple counting of steps towards positivity  may also related to the Heisenberg principle in modern physics. This principle states that on subtle areas of reality, the act of observing actually alters the reality being observed. 

The principle was first discovered in experiments trying to pin down whether light is made of waves or of particles. These identities were--and are--totally and mutually  exclusive. But time and time again, the results of "definitive" attempts to isolate the "true" identity of light would change depending on process of observation used at the time. Yet each of these processes was in itself infallible.  In other words, it was discovered that the actual nature of the light being observed, was changed by the process of observation itself. 

This once highly abstract principle has since been applied to a much larger realm of knowledge, including the social sciences. And now, with the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method, the Heisenberg principle is being applied to personal growth. The Power Clicker helps us put attention on our own inward joy and outward positivity, and by doing so changes our actual inward experience and outward success.


The Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method links 

abstract experience with 

concrete physical re-enforcement

Happy people are in the habit of spontaneously and continuously letting go of anxiety. The rest of us have to learn to do so. The function of the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method is to teach us to become more aware of our natural ability to free ourselves from anxiety. Within the technique we use the miniature electronic Power Counter to mark, measure and celebrate the "relaxation events" which we successfully evoke. (What does one feel like?)

Because we are pushing a button on the Power Counter we are adding concreteness to an otherwise abstract experience. The relationship between an inner positive experience and pushing a button with our finger becomes strangely comforting, strengthens the link between the mind and the body, and boosts our ability to relax by mere intention.

The "Power Counter" acts as a physical reminder to relax or "let go" when we realize that we are anxious during activity. It also, according to the instructions of the technique, reminds us to apply the resultant positivity towards social experiences and physical accomplishments.

Because it constantly reminds us to break our own boundaries, and offers us the opportunity of marking and celebrating the results, the Power Counter begins to function as our own  "happiness mentor". In time, the technique as a whole begins to allow us to become totally attuned to our own nervous system, our own patterns of behavior--and through the experience of joy, allows us to influence both of these. 

Through the Click Into Joy! Personal Change Method, we begin to be able to teach ourselves how to be happy, relaxed, and open to the inner and outer expansion of life.


It's fun to do

When all is said and done, we tend to keep doing things if we enjoy them. The beauty of the Click Into Joy! technique is that it makes a game of the process of growth. It is pleasurable to use, and is a daily challenge towards the growth of positivity in our lives. And once we do change in our patterns of behavior, our outward successes and the greater joy we experience in relationship to other people, further feeds our growth. The process is therefore self-rewarding and positively addictive.




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