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Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method


The Click Into Joy! Personal Change System is a new endeavor. We appreciate your feedback on this site and the information contained therein.


If you are willing, please cut and paste the following questions into an email, and give answers to any or all of the following questions. Address your response to, with the subject line as "Click Into Joy! feedback."

If these questions seem too lengthy, feel free to instead comment in any manner you wish, on our theory, the logic or quality of our content, the look of our website, and/or upon semantic or typographical problems therein. Thank you for helping make us become more joyful, effective and serviceable!


1) What is your reaction to the information discussed within this site?

  • Does the information seem logical, truthful and/or compelling?

  • Does the Method strike you as being either:

    • Too simple to be of value?

    • Too complicated to be of value?

  • Do you feel it might conflict with any belief, practice or  knowledge which you possess?

  • Does the Method or its description seem over-commercialized to you, or over-hyped?

2) Do you have any other comments about anything regarding either the site or the Click Into Joy! Method?


Thanks for your comments.


Bruce Grady

Hearbeam, Inc.


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