A Summary: How to do the Technique


The basic Click Into Joy! exercise involves only three simple steps:

Upon realizing that you feel uptight or uncomfortable,

?   Intend to relax or let go of anxiety ‘

Ť  “Listen” carefully for any results in your body, mind or emotions; and

?  If there is any  positive change in your mind, body, or emotions as a result of this intention---even the faintest symptom of relaxation, peace or freedom-- “click’ on your Power Counter. 


The exercise should be repeated about 30 times per day

(which, taking only a couple of seconds each time, takes 2 minutes total out of your schedule).


Let's now look at the details of these steps.

Mini-Step I:

“Relaxing and releasing”

Whenever we realize that we are disconnected, stressed, depressed, “out of it”, not “in tune” with life or God’s grace, (or whenever either we realize that we happily have some unstructured time during which we could relax --or are in a situation which :”forces” us to have the time (such as when we are waiting in line, waiting for someone) we may simply intend to” let go” using any phrase or approach we might find useful.

 This intention may only take a second, and may be described by any number of mental phrases or emotional intentions.

Some of these are to intend to:

  • Release the emotional stress that you feel;

  • Relax the body,

  • Let go of the mind,

  • Perceive the “light” within;

  • Accept yourself completely

  • Find your center

  • Be open to the “zone” in sports (---if only for a second).

  • *Persons of a religious nature may surrender themselves completely to God's will.


Many other phrases or intentions may also, by experience, be useful here. In your practice, you may--no, you will--discover the one that is most appropriate or works best for you. In this first step, we are not trying to set up a new pattern of functioning by the force of our mind. Rather, we are beginning to learn how get out of the grip of our mind and “into our hearts”, into a more quiet awareness of the body., or into some hint of the reality of God’s deeper graces This step is not an affirmation ( “I am worthy of relaxation”) or part of a belief system, but simply an intention which may only last for a second.

Mini-Step II:

Listen: Did Something Happen?

The second step in the Click Into Joy procedure is to “listen” for   changes or results of that intention within our mind, body, or emotions. This can include any sense or sudden “breeze” of relaxation, lightness, or joy within ourselves. In may also show up in a slight but sudden increase clarity or awareness or apparent sharpening of the senses, sudden “wisdom thoughts” or increased intuition, or just “knowing who you are” or having an increased sense of God’s love for you. Any amount of change is acceptable: we are not looking for much!

Mini-Step III:

Count Every Success

When we feel that we have had some--even a tiny--result from the initial intention to release, relax, or let go of anxiety, we push the button on the miniature counting device.

To repeat, the exercise should be repeated about 30 times per day

(which, taking only a couple of seconds each time, takes 2 minutes total out of your schedule).

Some of the results you might experience and press the button for:

#1. A general sense of release or peace (if only a slight degree and for a short amount of time);

#2. A feeling of pleasantness, openness or joy; 

#3. A relaxing of muscles--(often ones we had not even realized were tense or knotted); or a sudden relaxing of the stomach; or any other physical symptoms which we learn over time to recognize as indicating relaxation;

#4. An increase in mental clarity or memory;

#5. An expanded awareness of our immediate surroundings, including a sudden realization of how beautiful a day it is;

#6. A sense that our heart has opened, a feeling of greater love or compassion towards others; or a suddenly increased interest in what our conversational partner is saying;

#7. An increase in our sense of humor; a sense of lightness; that everything is important, but nothing is serious.:

#8. A momentary realization that fear and anxiety are just states of mind, that worry is not as necessary as we had thought, that life is not a struggle, and/or a sudden realization that joy is the basis of life;

#9. A feeling of being a larger, more "whole", more settled person, as if we have just now rediscovered our truer "self";

#10. A feeling that somehow time has expanded, and that there is really no reason to hurry;

#11. A realization that there is no need to have the cigarette or craved-for food or drink we had just been wanting; --that we are simply comfortable within ourself;.

 ...and from #12 on up... an endless variety of positive symptoms which may seem unique to our own experience and difficult to describe to others, but which we know represents even a small change towards goodness and wholeness in life.

If we feel no result:

If we are certain that we feel no change after any particular intention to momentarily relax or let go of anxiety, we may --if we have the time (of even inclination) --repeat Step I, with an even “finer” intention, followed by a repeated listening. Be kind to yourself! With practice, changes will come and experiences will deepen.




We cannot emphasize enough that the results of this exercise are cumulative.

As we practice the Click Into Joy! technique, three things begin to happen.


1) We become more familiar with our various actual and potential states of relaxation and joy;

2) It becomes easier to trigger these states by mere intention; and

3) We develop the strength to apply this skill to effect all sorts of positive changes in our lives.

See the Table of Contents to explore these benefits.