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Simple Introduction  

Detailed Introduction:

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Anxiety as a habit

Relaxation Events defined

What a Relaxation Event feels like

The Bad--and Good--news about relaxation events

The essence of the Method

The Power Counter

Other aspects of the Method

Why does it work?

An Example of an Initial Personal Experience

When to "Click"

Not a Religion, 

Enlightenment, or Therapy

A Poetic View

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Personal Change Method


The Click Into Joy!

Personal Change Method

is built on a new paradigm

of emotional strength, which is:

"Letting go of anxiety and experiencing joy by mere intention is a skill which is easily learned, and a habit which is easily acquired."

This method of adding joy to your life is essentially a series of six simple emotional exercises--often taking only seconds per day to do--which can increase your emotional strength and emotional flexibility in a remarkable manner.

The system is inexpensively purchased, easily learned, effortlessly used, invisible to others, requires absolutely no change in lifestyle, religion or belief system, takes no time out of your busy schedule to practice, and  can have endless benefits.


Please read the accompanying information to understand the method and its potential benefits in your own life.




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 of the Method

Changing Behavior Patterns

Building the Habit of Happiness

Increasing Emotional Strength

Increasing the Ability to Love

Evaporating Cravings

Reducing Worry

Fighting Fatigue

Dissolving Fears & Phobias: 

Section Introduction

Reducing shyness

Performance Anxiety

The fear of heights




"In the Zone"

 Sports Action

Better Job


Overcoming the 

Effects of Traumatic Events


Better Academic Performance

Improving personal self-esteem

Heightening religious experience

"Aging into Joy"